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  • Taking Advantage Of Your Miranda Rights If Arrested In Texas

    If the police suspect that you committed a crime and have arrested you, then they might aim to get all possible information from you without your attorney present despite telling you that you have the right to remain silent and the right to have your attorney present when police question you. The[...]

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  • Taking A Plea Bargain In Your Texas Criminal Case

    Texas prosecutors are not in any rush to offer you a deal when you are charged with a criminal offense – especially when they have a plethora of evidence against you. But in reality, many criminal charges may be hard for a prosecutor to prove to a judge or jury. In other words, the prosecutor i[...]

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  • Defending Against A Drug Possession Charge In Texas

    Facing a drug possession charge in Texas could be a nightmare to deal with. The penalties for drug possession offenses can be severe and are nothing to take lightly. Critically, if convicted, you could be placed in jail for decades, and your life as you know it could be over. For this reason, it [...]

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  • Disputing Your Driver’s License Suspension For Texas DWI

    One of the most dire consequences of a DWI in Texas may be a long-term suspension of your driver’s license. This can be incredibly challenging to deal with as it may unexpectedly hamper your ability to do important things like get to work, visit your doctor, and help your family members with th[...]

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  • Do You Need a Lawyer for a Shoplifting Charge?

    Even though shoplifting is usually considered a “minor” theft in the State of Texas, a conviction for shoplifting can result in serious penalties, depending upon the circumstances involved. In addition, an arrest or conviction for shoplifting can be the source of personal embarrassment and hu[...]

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  • Should You Plead Guilty to a Crime?

    The decision about whether an accused individual should plead guilty to a crime as part of a plea deal with the prosecuting attorney depends upon a variety of factors. Those factors include the likelihood of success at trial (i.e., by asserting a defense to the criminal charge or charges), as wel[...]

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