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  • A look at the structure of the Texas court system

    There are two basic types of cases that courts handle. Civil cases involve matters such as lawsuits and criminal cases involve unlawful offenses. There are also two basic types of courts. The trial courts are the first to hear a case, whereas the appellate courts review the decisions of the tri[...]

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  • What happens if your child is charged with a crime?

    Hearing that a child has been charged with a crime is one of a parent’s worst nightmares. Even when children make careless or reckless mistakes without the intent to cause harm, they may acquire a criminal record that can jeopardize their future prospects. If your child is facing misdemeanor [...]

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  • Protecting your rights when you are questioned by the police

    Being stopped and questioned by the police is rarely a pleasant experience, even for those who have not committed any sort of crime. It’s important for all citizens and non-citizen immigrants to understand that they do have legal rights. If the police arrest you on criminal charges after ques[...]

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  • Common probation rules

    If you have been convicted of a crime, your criminal defense attorney may argue for a sentence of probation instead of jail time. Probation is generally ordered when the defendant is perceived to not be a threat to society. Although individuals who are on probation are free to live within a co[...]

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  • What are RICO crimes?

    You, like many in Houston Metroplex, have likely heard the term “RICO crimes” used in association with organized crime syndicates or drug trafficking operations. Yet what does this term mean, and is it only applied to clandestine criminal organizations? To answer this question, you have to [...]

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