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Penalties for Sexual Assault Convictions

Penalties for Sexual Assault Convictions

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Sexual assault is a very serious criminal charge in the State of Texas. Consequently, a conviction for a sexual assault crime could result in numerous penalties and serious other consequences. Moreover, having a sexual assault conviction on your record could make it difficult for you to find a job or find a place to live. In some instances, depending upon the specific offense, you might even have to register as a sex offender on a state or federal sex offender registry.

The Houston criminal defense lawyers at Turnbull Legal Group understand the serious potential penalties and other life-changing consequences that are routinely associated with sexual assault convictions. Our legal team can work to formulate a strong legal defense on your behalf, in an attempt to avoid some or all of these potential consequences altogether. We could also represent you at your criminal sentencing hearing and argue for a lighter penalty on your behalf.

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What is Sexual Assault in Texas?

In the State of Texas, “sexual assault” has a very precise legal meaning. First of all, sexual assault is more commonly called “rape.” An individual commits a sexual assault crime when he or she knowingly and intentionally commits a prohibited sexual activity without the alleged victim’s consent.

There is no consent given in cases where the accused individual either uses violence or the threat of violence in order to coerce the alleged victim to participate in the sexual activity. Also, in cases where the alleged victim was unable to understand what was happening or could not physically resist the accused’s actions, then there is no consent. Finally, consent is lacking in cases where the accused holds a position of care, power, or control over the alleged victim, such as with the case of a clergyman or health care provider. A sexual assault charge could be elevated to a charge of aggravated sexual assault if certain serious conditions are satisfied.

Potential Penalties upon Conviction

If you are charged with and convicted of a sexual assault crime in Houston, you will likely be facing serious potential penalties. Following a conviction of sexual assault, a judge will be tasked with imposing the criminal sentence at a sentencing hearing. Potential penalties for a sexual assault conviction can include between two and twenty years of incarceration in state prison, along with a maximum monetary fine of $10,000. In the case of an aggravated sexual assault conviction, the accused could face a minimum jail sentence of 25 years.

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A conviction for sexual assault could lead to serious penalties that could impact you for the rest of your life. Let the experienced legal team at Turnbull Legal Group work to minimize the consequences of your charge or conviction.

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