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When Does Robbery Become Aggravated Robbery in Texas?

When Does Robbery Become Aggravated Robbery in Texas?

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Both robbery and aggravated robbery are serious criminal charges in the State of Texas. An aggravated robbery conviction can result in more significant penalties and other consequences than a regular robbery conviction.

The Houston criminal defense lawyers at Turnbull Legal Group can work with you to help you develop a strong defense to your robbery or aggravated robbery charge and could assist you with every legal aspect of your criminal case.

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The Difference Between Robbery and Aggravated Robbery in Texas

Both robbery and aggravated robbery are serious criminal offenses in Texas, and a conviction for either could lead to criminal penalties and other consequences. A person commits robbery when he or she attempts to steal something from someone else (i.e., engages in theft), and in the process, either harms the alleged victim or attempts to harm the alleged victim.

A robbery turns into an aggravated robbery in cases where the accused is either armed or is in possession of a deadly weapon at the time he or she commits the robbery offense.

In the context of aggravated robbery, a deadly weapon is not just limited to a firearm or a knife. Rather, a deadly weapon constitutes anything that could potentially bring about serious bodily harm – or death – to the alleged robbery victim. Therefore, if someone commits a crime of robbery by merely showing a gun, knife, or some other deadly weapon, then he or she could lawfully be charged with (and potentially convicted of) aggravated robbery.

Potential Penalties upon Conviction of Aggravated Robbery

Given the serious nature of the offense, a conviction for an aggravated robbery carries with it numerous potential penalties, along with a myriad of other serious consequences.

In the State of Texas, aggravated robbery is a first-degree felony offense. Therefore, any individual who sustains a criminal conviction for aggravated robbery could be sentenced to a maximum of 99 years of incarceration – or life imprisonment. This is true even if the accused does not have any history of prior criminal convictions.

Although it is sometimes possible to receive probation following an aggravated robbery conviction, that possibility is extremely limited. Moreover, it is usually very risky to take an aggravated robbery case to trial in front of a jury.

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