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Helping Appeal Sentences & Clear Criminal Records

If you have been charged with a crime you did not commit, or if you have been unfairly sentenced, the consequences can be severe. It’s important to get help immediately for your appeal. At Turnbull Legal Group, our expunction and appeals attorneys have the resources, experience, and understanding to help you clear your name and get your life back. Because we are well-versed in all aspects of the criminal justice system, we understand what it takes to protect your future.

How The Appeal Process Works

While the well-known saying is “innocent until proven guilty,” fighting for that innocence can sometimes be difficult. In Texas, there are 14 appellate courts, each of which is appointed 3 judges whose duties are to review the conviction. Those who have been convicted of crimes must make an appeal within 30 days of their sentencing if their case is to be reviewed. After submitting the appeal, judges look over the records and make judgments on whether or not the proceedings were carried out appropriately. They can also make decisions about whether or not to uphold the sentence.

Expunging Your Records

Expungement, or expunction, is the process of removing from the public domain a criminal record. Once expunction is granted by a judge, the criminal record of that person is removed from public access.

It is possible to have your records expunged if:

  • Your conviction was overturned by a successful appeal
  • Your case was dismissed, or the charges against you were dropped
  • The jury at your trial returned a verdict of not guilty

It may also be possible to file for a non-disclosure, which limits a criminal record so that only certain government agencies can view it. By preventing non-government individuals from seeing your record, it can be much easier to maintain your reputation. As non-disclosures are only granted if the individual’s history is low-risk, hiring a skilled attorney is crucial to helping the court form the right impression.

Aggressively Fighting To Bring You Justice

Protect your name and your reputation. Speak with the attorneys at Turnbull Legal Group to learn more about the appeals and expunction process.

Helping You Pursue a Fresh Start

Our criminal defense attorneys are available to help you pursue a fresh start, even if our firm did not initially represent you. We offer a hands-on approach focused on understanding the extent of your criminal record. We will also outline eligibility factors to secure an expungement, such as the nature of the crime, your sentence and your age when sentenced. Generally, juvenile offenses can be expunged.

An expungement will also help you if you face future criminal charges. The expunged conviction will not count against you during the sentencing phase.

You deserve a strong advocate on your side. Contact us  today to get your life back on track.

Texas Expunctions & Appeals Attorney
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