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Texas Drug Crime Lawyer

Facing Drug Charges in Texas?

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If you have been charged with a drug crime involving possession, manufacturing, sale, or distribution, contact Turnbull Legal Group immediately. We defend all types of drug-related offenses, from minor possession to manufacturing charges. We understand that things are not always what they seem when it comes to accusations and arrests.

Don’t let police pressure you to answer questions or give them any information. We are here to fight for you. We aggressively defend your rights and help you build an effective defense.

What Constitutes A Drug Crime?

drug crime generally refers to any offense that involves controlled substances. These may include illegal street drugs such as heroin, cocaine, crack, LSD, meth, amphetamines, methamphetamines, ice, ecstasy, GHB (water), or marijuana. It also includes prescription drugs such as Xanax, Vicodin, steroids, testosterone, valium, percocet, codeine, hydrocodeine, morphine, SOMA, and oxycontin (oxycodone). Drug crimes in Texas may include: drug trafficking, drug cultivation, drug distribution, drug manufacturing, and possession as well as other penalty groups.


The penalties for a drug conviction can be severe, extending to possible deportation for non-US citizens and driver license suspensions. Since the penalties for a drug conviction are based on whether there was only possession or possession with intent to distribute, and the quantity involved and penalty group, you need a skilled attorney who can investigate the facts of your case and who is knowledgeable about Texas drug laws.

Defending Against Drug Possession Charges

Particularly in drug cases, the legality of how law enforcement officials obtained the evidence used to support the State’s case is a central and often-challenged issue. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects individuals against unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. If the government’s conduct violated the Fourth Amendment, the evidence is deemed inadmissible. Without the necessary evidence to prove the criminal charges, the State may have to dismiss its case against a defendant.

Some possible defenses we can use for you include:

  • The quantity was not enough for a criminal charge
  • You did not know you were in possession
  • You had permission or a prescription
  • You did not intend to ingest or consume the drug

Get Experienced Professionals On Your Side Who Will Aggressively Defend Your Rights

When a client contacts us after being arrested for a drug crime, we start the investigation of the case right away. We will obtain any relative documents and investigate notes, witness statements, and police reports. After finishing our investigation, if we determine that the case is defensible, we will make a recommendation to either contest the matter in court or negotiate for a reduced punishment.

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If you or someone you love has been arrested and charged for a drug crime in Texas, contact us today to get the experienced criminal defense you deserve. We offer a free initial consultation and case analysis to every prospective client.

Texas Drug Crime Lawyer
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